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Cute little interview with Ezra on the subject of love . . .
(note this is an 82 MB .MOV file)

Ezra Alexander now has a few-day old sister, Raya Mica Weintroub.

Raya was born at 8:32am on Thursday 22 May 2008. Ezra arrrived right on time on Friday 4 August 2006, 1:33pm Boston time. He weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces, and is exceedingly cute (an unbiased opinion). We like to think that we have bumbled through the first year offering him at least marginally adequate care and attention.

He is named for Jonathan's late Dad, Frank Israel Alexander Weintroub (aka Punky; Hebrew: Ephraim ben Shmuel), in two ways:
-his second name, Alexander
-his Hebrew name, Ephraim.
In full, Ezra's Hebrew name (transliterated) is Ephraim Alexander ben Ya'acov Gad v' Racheal Leah. Ya'acov Gad, by the way, was the name of Jonathan's late maternal grandfather, while Robbie's Hebrew names come from three people (!), a maternal great grandmother (Racheal) and a combination of a paternal great grandmother and maternal great great grandfather (Leah).

It may be of interest to some readers to learn that Ezra has definitely inherited the "Hershler (or Gibor) sneeze" (three in a row, vigorous, and issued with obvious enjoyment). Others may enjoy reading that he has miniature replicas of Robbie's feet. And, if course, he is a Leo, adding still more joy to the birthday fever we experience this time of year.

Robbie and I got married on 3 October 2004. Some photos (by Paul Horowitz) can be found here. Toasts were made by Arnie, Natasha, Peter, and Jono. And my cousin Cecil Hershler wrote and read a remembrance in honor of my father.

Now I have a new family.

I grew up in Camps Bay, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. It's a beautiful place.

I practice Ashtanga Yoga primary series. I practiced on a recent visit to Utah.

I work at the SMA (Sub-Millimeter Array), on Mauna Kea , Hawaii. (The photo linked by "SMA" is a 3.4MB download.)

A family photo taken near the southern tip of Africa. Me younger and just a little older. Check out the Seth Efrican school uniforms. I was also a sea scout.

Here's a photo of my parents' wedding, with both of my grandmothers, Gay and Brana. My dad loved hotdogs, and was sad when we discovered this classic dog wagon in Maine, because we had already stopped for lunch.

A direct link to my photos directory.

By popular demand here is a link to a directory with selected photos of Taz. Check the size before downloading if your connection is slow.

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